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With more than a billion users worldwide (including 17 million in France) and 500 million regular users (at least one connection per day), Instagram has become a social network of reference for your communication. And for advertising?

With a fairly young audience, but which remains unlike Snapchat still a network not belonging only to millenials, Instagram is the network to take into account to target young active people. Indeed, 35% of users are between 25 and 34 years old. By limiting the type of content available to photos, videos, and stories (to once again compete with snapchat), Instagram stands out for its mood. When the communication of Facebook pages is becoming more and more cluttered, Instagram remains a network “showing the beautiful”, and this, regardless of the industry. If fashions change on the number of # to publish or the length of your text, the main battle horse will remain the quality of your photo or your video in its visual content, where Twitter can put off neophytes. Instagram is also a social network focused on smartphones, both in its presentation and in the uploading of your content. Belonging to Facebook, which follows the same business model as Google – namely selling targeted advertising -, Marc Zuckenberg’s group has this time taken the fold to offer different features between your paid communication (sponsored posts) and your free communication, your photos and videos.

How to use Instagram ads?

On Facebook, it is the algorithm that creates the chasm year after year between paid and free posts. For now, though, with good communication, you can get by. On Intagram on the other hand, your free post won’t look like much if you promote it, except of course for product placement which unfortunately hotel owners can’t have yet. Instagram advertising gives you all the possibilities of free (photo, video, story) and you can also insert any landing page to your sponsored content. The only thing: your content will be associated with sponsored content. This allows users to not be “tricked” in a way.

Why advertise on Instagram?

A study by Instagram shows that 60% of users acknowledge having discovered a product or service via Instagram and 80% of Instagrammers follow at least one brand. In addition, for tourism, 51% of people under 35 use social networks to choose their future destination. The network is moreover, better taken care of than Facebook, with a unique news feed offering neither game nor advertising on the side as can do the leader for the moment. Important: Remember to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Instagram, what to remember:

Advertising on Instagram will grow day by day. However, Facebook is currently much more preferred by businesses, while its interaction is quite low. To take the opposite side of Instagram is also to ensure a good interaction, and to make your community live/known. As for Facebook, the first question to ask yourself is what is the purpose of your ad: to promote a product? To get more followers? All of this is improving every day with new features for interacting with your audience: making your audience vote between two answers or graduating one, sharing live moments or doing good teasing. Know that 120 million Instagrammers have visited a website, sent a private message or an email after seeing an ad on the network. As on Facebook, you can target your audience (by age, city, etc.).

Our tips

Use a square format (1080×1080) for your photos or videos in order to take more space and to adapt to any type of screen. Make sure that your message is short, clear and understandable without sound in the case of a story or a video. As you see every day, all media videos doing interviews are now captioned. Target your audience well, the goal is not quantity, but quality. And remember that whatever you advertise: push for interaction!

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Feel free to add your tips in comments and your experiences (good or bad) with advertising on Instagram!


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