Google MyBusiness Tip – Goal 5/5!

Short editorial on an interesting information we just found: A Google MyBusiness tip allows you to encourage your customers to put a link on your website. 5/5 ! And the best part is that it’s not that difficult and it takes 20 seconds – when the Internet connection is at least fast!

Google MyBusiness for your hotel

Real guides of everyday life, Facebook and Google, will always be at war to collect as much data as possible on the favorite places of users.

Why take advantage of Google MyBusiness?

Even today, travelers easily give good ratings. Google MyBusiness offers you today to facilitate the rating to encourage travelers to give good ratings! Take advantage of it!

In addition, often people will search on Google Maps for a hotel based on its proximity to the city, a specific location, trade shows etc… and with the mouse over, this process is accelerated!

Hotel à Monaco Google Map

A bit of a shame to choose this more expensive and lower rated hotel than the competitors… don’t you think?

Make sure you get at least a 4.5/5 to stand out!

To go further: We advise you to update the main picture from time to time by putting your live booking advantage over the picture. Ex. “10% OFF on Official Website”

Hotel Promotion Mybusiness

How do I increase my Google MyBusiness ranking?

In 20 seconds and three steps, I promise!

Enter your business name on Google and find your MyBusiness listing on the right
Click on “x Google Reviews” (to the right of ★★★★★) add a 5 behind the comma of your last number.
Copy, then paste the link in your post stay mail, behind a button or a star image (Here are the ones from Google that you can find in the Mails)

Etoiles Google MyBusiness

The link will look like:….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..9.3.1095…0.0.DT2WEYbrOe4#lrd=0x47e66fc29958c301:0xc7a719e3213f44ec,3,5,,

It is a bit long… if you want to communicate it to your customers in writing, don’t hesitate to use a URL shortener (the easiest way would have been the QR code, but this technology never really worked)

Should we favour Tripadvisor, Google or Facebook ratings?

Let’s look at it from another angle and think “customer” before “business”.

In fact, you should focus on the customer’s preferred platform. If you see that they are browsing on an Android phone during their stay or if the address collected is a Gmail: Go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity, it must be for Google MyBusiness.

If they came in via Tripadvisor and/or told you about it (in a good way) during the stay, get them through TripAdvisor.

It would be useless to send an email that redirects to MyBusiness, if the customer does not have a MyBusiness account… same for Tripadvisor and Facebook.

In any case, this should always be used with extreme caution! Be close to your customers, but not too close either!

Finally, be aware that if the customer is geolocated, Facebook and Google are likely to push him. If they have been to your TripAdvisor page, they will receive an email a little later!

Good or bad review, how to react?

If you have a bad review on any of these platforms, we invite you to read our more in-depth article on your TripAdvisor Ranking Success!

Credits :

We preciously thank Benjamin Turc and his article on the subject of e-reputation Google.

See article 2 to collect reviews with the Post-Stay email !


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