Being on social networks is obvious: All companies are on the network! But being active and visible is another story.

As hotel owners, we know that time is precious and we have to prioritize our marketing actions. But here’s the thing: social networks are time-consuming, and we can’t be everywhere, at the reception, on the computer, on the phone, managing our staff, doing our Yield…

That’s where plugins and bots come in: they will help you get more visibility and revitalize the “contact” with your former customers.

Playing with these plugins means putting your brand forward on the networks. So be careful, don’t abuse them… and keep in mind: what counts is not the number, but the quality!

Plugins: There are those that seduce us, those that leave us without opinion that we find useless … and those that we must not recommend you to install!

The list of plugins below has been tested and used in a “Heavy” way, we have not been blocked after a few days of use!

Warning: Beware of some extensions: Notably IG Follower for example was detected as “BitCoin Miner” on our computer. This is not a virus, but it will mean that your computer will take a little longer to run… and that we will make money on your hardware.

Interesting plugins (still free) to analyze and increase your community:

Here is an account of the possible exploitation of Google Chrome Plugins – Equivalents probably exist on other browsers – we have not tested them.

Facebook: Optimize the community, increase interested fans (prospects).

Facebook Page and fans:

The page is a Public URL: everyone, provided they have a Facebook account can see it, comment on it, like it…except those you have “banned” for the sake of your community.

Facebook gives you the possibility to invite interested prospects to your page, to join your “Fan Club”.

Why is this a good practice?

The people in question have already shown interest in your business. They may not have gone further in the process, but inviting them will help to rekindle their interest in your business.

How does it work?

Just click on the interactions (Likes, moods etc…) at the bottom of your post.

You will find the first circle (followers – who already like your page and receive notifications), and the second circle, called extended: The friends of the followers who liked the post (For them, a button that allows to invite them is displayed).

Is there a way to go faster?

Developers have put in place a solution (a script) that takes care of adding, drop by drop, the people who reacted with your post, but who are not yet fans of your page.

And that’s where the script comes in: To find your best publications more easily, we recommend you to find the tab > Statistics > Publications >

And select your posts that had the best results (thanks to the engagement column)!

On the big posts, you can click on the title then on the interactions, finally, scroll down to the bottom of your long list then click on the script :


It is thanks to this trick, that sponsored publications will take much more importance!

Nota Bene :

1° Before clicking on the little Chrome extension, you will have to scroll down the list of facebook reactions.

2° This script is done in a drop-by-drop manner to simulate human actions. You should therefore leave your page in a tab, which will give you time to work quietly on another tab.

Important note: It is in the name of your profile that people are invited. In the case of a bed and breakfast, a campsite or a small structure, the customer will be sensitive to find the owner / host, in the case of a large structure, to have a better return, perhaps it will be necessary to connect to the account “Team Hotel X” or to create a professional profile that represents your company.
To go further, if you have a promotional operation on Facebook, nothing prevents you from creating a “Hotel X Facebook Discount” profile where you put a cover photo with your promotional code.

Facebook Profile and friends :

Many of you use your profile to communicate about the company: good news! Facebook gives you priority in terms of Reach and penalizes more and more pages … especially when they do not make sponsored links! (It is clear that the network is less interesting, Facebook is returning to the old model)

The idea in this case is to have a Human profile, in which we want to stay in touch with your customers.

Your reach will be better on your profiles, people will see your news more easily.

Limit: This practice is limited to 5,000 people.

Tip 1: You can import your hotel contacts through a “Yahoo” account.

If you have a client file/an outlook full of contacts, you can export it in CSV format and put it in Yahoo! Finally, from yahoo, you can connect facebook to add all the people who have a facebook account.

To do this, on PC, simply go to the tab “Request friends” then “show all” finally, in the upper right you will be offered to import your contacts from your account.

Export your addresses in CSV

Export your addresses in CSV 

Add contacts by adresses on Facebook

Tip 1 Bis: You can also do it the other way around: Recover the email address of your Facebook contacts with the following method:

Recover the email adresses of your facebook contacts

Tip 2: Find prospects in your city, according to the filters, the “Graph Search” Facebook. This tip allows you to find prospects thanks to magic formulas in the form of Phrase!
For example: People who like soccer and live in … (or who are interested in an event near you).
To do this you will need to switch your Facebook to EN language (US) and install an additional plugin:

Intelligence Search Facebook

Facebook Event :

If you often do “Garden-Party”, “After-Work”, “Brunch” or simply “Events” and your main target is on your profile, we recommend you to use this extension which allows you to invite everyone, in one go… without getting banned!

Invite All Friends

Instagram :

With instagram we see several objectives:

  •  Increase the number of qualified Fans.
  • Increase the number of Likes.
  • Send messages.
  • Thanking customers / loyal fans.

Why go on instagram?

The photo is the fastest message, it is the media that sells the dream before living it!

We think this sentence should convince you to go for it. The network is quite simple and intuitive, very popular with a large clientele … totally heterogeneous!

Only, opening an account is good, feeding it is better … being active is great!

We will see how to use two plugins to meet all your expectations!

Helper Tools For Instagram

GrowBot For Instagram

Increase the number of qualified Fans:

You’re going to have to detect the Prospects that match you.

Then ask yourself the following questions:
– [ …] Are they lurking more on Hastags/keywords | Are they liking more photos or are they following more people (both can be combined)

In both cases, we will use two bots, which will “scrape” the data.

* Want to identify the most active fans of your competitors? Use Helper Tools for Instagram (you can then follow them back or like their photos).

* Want to engage people who post on certain hashtags? Like their photos with hashtags at first, some will automatically come back to you.

Increase the number of likes: Humans by definition have a need for esteem, recognition. To meet this need now that you follow your fans, you will have to like their publication. Indeed, many of your followers will be sensitive and will want to come back to your profile if you like their content.

To do this, use the Helper Tools for Instagram and its “Likes” function. Limit it to 300 or even to the “last like encountered”.

Increasing the number of likes of your photos will also give you a better visibility.

Note: GrowBot offers a 15-day trial period, which is not much … but you can uninstall and reinstall the plugin easily, the counter will be reset to 0!

Warning: The maximum number of likes per hour is estimated at 350!


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