TOP 5, TOP 10 …. Nowadays we often see the top 5 of this or that! This is actually less trivial than it seems, and for good reason, your SEO will be better following the edition of a TOP!

It turns out that the click rate is higher when a user sees in a title on a search engine (let’s call it “Google” or “Qwant”) the mention TOP! This attracts the eye and often people look for ideas in a succinct way! An above-average click rate should be reflected in the search results “Google Webmaster Tools”.

In addition, it will allow a little more internal linking, which is again good for your SEO! So many advantages!

I propose a short tutorial to make one at the beginning of 2018!

Let’s name the “TOP 5 best articles of 2017” in the title of the page, not in the title of the Article.
Please note not to capitalize everything, Google would penalize you …

For the title of the article <h1> (the one that is readable on the page) , I suggest “The selection of our community of the 10 most interesting articles” .  This way we will avoid sending the same title twice to Google!

For the rest, nothing could be easier:
It’s time to go to Google Analytics® to find the tab (bottom left) and follow the following breadcrumb trail:
Behavior > Site Content > Detail By URL.

Top URL Analytics

Enter the chosen period on the top right | In our case: from Jan 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2018.

Then select “Page” at the top of your table, then sort by the “page views” column by clicking on it :

Resultat top articles

You can easily draw your own top 5, here is ours :

All that’s left is for you to put this list in proper form, illustrate it with images, put some text to make it look the best it can be!

Decline it endlessly! 
Indeed, you can very well, in the same way as TripAdvisor create articles with titles :

  • Top 5 Best Beaches
  • Top 5 must-see places in the region,
  • Top 5 museums of the 20th century (century or district)
  • Top 5 castles in Anjou ….

The list would be long!

Go further and propose to your customers a top 5 of the most commented pictures on your Instagram account!

To your pens… and your keyboards! 🙂


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