During this delicate period for tourism, we wanted to react on our side. We are pleased to present voyagez-vous.fr, a platform for direct contact between travelers and tourism professionals.

An alternative platform to Booking and AirBnb that shares your values

Developed in Alsace, this platform takes the fundamentals of the market leaders and incorporates them into healthier and more ethical technological processes.

This website is aimed at owners of accommodation establishments and other tourism professionals registered in France and is based on a single common idea: to get together to promote the direct sale of their offers.

The platform represents a real alternative to Booking and Airbnb, and offers the possibility for owners to market themselves through their own direct channel.

The customer has the possibility to find in a simplified way an establishment (or a tourist experience) for his next stay. Indeed, thanks to the selection filters (price, type of establishment, services offered by the establishment), they can select according to their expectations and consult the presentation sheets of the establishments or experiences/events (cooking classes, weddings…) that have caught their attention.

The platform allows you to personalize, with the help of a presentation sheet, the description and the assets of your establishment or experiences/events, your reservation availabilities, your preferences of means of reservation and payment for the customer.

Thanks to the platform, you can add unlimited photos and a video, and have a chat tab to facilitate communication with the customer.

The platform also provides you with a tool for the translation of your establishment file in 40 languages!

From OTA to OTF

Online Travel Agencies, better known as OTAs, owe their success mainly to the ease of use and the quantity and variety of their offer. We now offer an OTF, which we define as Online Travel Facilitator, a fair alternative that allows accommodation providers to join forces and take back control of their marketing. Why an OTF rather than an OTA: The OTF unlike the OTA offers to any professional registered on the platform, the possibility to

  • connect your bank accounts,
  • set up its own commercial practices and policies,
  • customize automated emails (Confirmation, Pre-Stay and Post-Stay),
  • cancel a client’s reservation at his request.

The creation of a quick & easy form

Do you like it simple and efficient? That’s good, so do we! We do our best for you:

  • Registration and direct online access,
  • Report and analysis of bookings,
  • Instant translation tool in 40 languages,
  • Possibility of retrieving your content from OTAs (Text, Images) according to your exploitation rights,
  • Help to search for keywords related to your establishment,
  • Bank connection through PayPal or Stripe (World leaders in online payment),
  • Synchronization of your availability with iCal/Google Calendar,
  • Customization of your confirmation emails (content, format),
  • Possibility to connect an email address of your domain.

An operating cost of 5% to mutualize marketing actions and develop. 

If the acquisition of a customer requires technical means, the current scheme also requires a share of financial means. This platform reduces your commission costs to 5% insofar as it is you who manages your customer from A to Z.

This commission, which we associate with a common remuneration of your marketing, will be mainly reinjected in the development of new digital products.

We believe that the collaborative aspect has now more than ever its place on the market and that tourism professionals need to find themselves in a product that corresponds to them.

We commit ourselves to provide you with a summary of the bookings generated thanks to the platform at the end of each month.
Furthermore, we commit ourselves to consult you every quarter to know your needs and to allocate a part of the commission fees to the marketing development that will be the most adapted to your situation.

This will allow you a healthy and serene development.

Except for bank transaction fees (depending on the quantity and value of your transactions, maximum 1.4%+0.25cent/transaction for European cards) on your reservations and only if you wish to activate the online payment, there are no additional fees.

Current and future developments of Voyagez-vous.fr 

  • Deployment of an API to integrate with your Booking Engine,
  • Interconnection with Instagram
  • Interconnection with your Facebook Chat

Visual presentation

Register on the platform

If this new business model suits you, you can follow this link to add your business:

Video Presentation

Présentation de la plateforme Voyagez-vous.fr

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