For any company, communication is essential. A job in its own right, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to manage alone. But where to start in this heap of digital tools? This article will help you to find your happiness and to make your creativity speak in a few clicks, on computer or smartphone while realizing beautiful promotional visuals. We will see together in a next article how to use these tools. Don’t forget to check out our article on free image banks !

Snapseed: Enhance your photos from your smartphone

Only via application, Snapseed allows you to have many possibilities of retouching your photos directly from your phone. Snapseed’s advantages: very practical and complete, Snapseed stands out for the number of possible actions. Its star retouching feature is the “focus” mode, which allows you to highlight an element of your photo. Conclusion: it is necessary to know the basic vocabulary of the photo (atmosphere, light tone, …) if you do not want to lose too much time during the first use. Otherwise, it will be the moment to learn once and for all the gibberish of the photographers! (we promise you, it is not so difficult).   In the same spirit, consider taking a look at Pixlr for your photo retouching. If you already know a little about the subject, then you can try Adobe Photoshop Express on a smartphone, for a more experienced audience.

Adobe Spark & Canva: Online tools for editing beautiful visuals

 Adobe Spark

Adobe’s ASpark is a graphic creation tool on desktop belonging to the very famous Adobe. With its experience and power (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator…), this tool allows you to create visuals, web pages and video clips for free. Let’s talk quickly about the creation of web pages and videos before talking about the creation of visuals. For the creation of pages, the tool is quite intuitive, but offers few solutions. However, it will allow beginners to create quality articles quickly, which can then be shared on social networks or a website. The creation of video clips is mainly used for the educational sector. However, a quick creation can illustrate a Linkedin or Twitter post for example. Beware, it is only possible to have 30 seconds of video, the rest must be images (with effects) and text. Creating visuals with Adobe Spark: as for the rest of Adobe Spark, the tool is free and all you need to do is to register or connect via an email address, a Facebook account or of course an Adobe account.

The advantages of Adobe Spark: a very simple use on smartphone to feed your social networks. When you download the application, you just must choose the type of content and the photo you want to crop in 1 click. You can choose your own photos or free illustrations by typing a keyword. The application is more interesting than the desktop version, allowing you to do some quick retouching, add and format text in an intuitive way.

Conclusion: a very good app for people who need to make quick posts or on the go on social networks. Perfect to illustrate a meeting to publish on Linkedin!

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Canva: direct competitor of Adobe Spark, Canva is a simple content creation tool with which we will make the illustration at the end of the article. Very intuitive, it allows a quick start with an orderly and logical presentation. Canva has many specific features.

Creating visuals with Canva: Canva allows you to manage all the parameters of paid software like Indesign but in a simplified version: you can therefore mix images, icons (for this, use Flaticon) and many other formats that will thus open the doors of graphic design. From the production of content for social networks to the layout of a complete magazine online and in print, Canva is clearly the Swiss army knife of the moment. If it has – like many – paid proposals, the plethora of free media will be enough to make your creation.

The advantages of Canva : : Its use and quick learning curve, as well as the numerous templates offered.

Conclusion: The best tool of the moment for content creation.

Resize to any size in 1 click!

Promo Image Resizer: with its very commercial name, Promo Image Resizer has only one approach but does it very well: mass cropping from a photo for all your content on the web! By adding a photo and cropping it once, Promo Image Resizer will magically calculate everything you need to crop your image for Facebook, Instagram, Google or Youtube. In short: a definite time saver!

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Let’s hurry up for Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget to put a little budget in the communication! (Facebook ads / Instagram )

BONUS: For the photoshop lovers, we have established a template that you can download by clicking on its corresponding image:

And you, what free tools do you know?

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