Create a good newsletter: our tips to make it hit home with your customers!

Everyone who has an e-mail account has already received a newsletter. It is a mail that often informs us about the news of a company, its new products, promotional offers etc. But let’s face it, very often, our first reflex is to delete the mail and send it to the trash.

However, from the point of view of a Hospitality professional, creating a good newsletter can be effective in prospecting and retaining customers.

You don’t know how to do it? Your newsletters constantly end up in a virtual trash can?

No need to panic.

Hôtellerie Digitale gives you all the tips to make sure your newsletter gets away and hits the mark with your customers!

Create a successful newsletter and avoid the spam effect!

You have probably noticed that your mailbox is often divided into different sections. There is often a section dedicated to so-called “priority” mail, another one dedicated to commercial offers and finally, the spam section. You are often not the source of this sorting. It is the result of the algorithms of your mail management software.

Your goal as a professional is therefore to ensure that your newsletter reaches the priority mail section. Especially since the General Data Protection Regulation requires not only that consent is given to receive a newsletter but also the possibility to unsubscribe.

To escape the trash, a good newsletter must first captivate its reader quickly and efficiently. Indeed, we must consider that in our current society, time flies and your potential customers have only a few seconds to give to your emails. You must hold their attention.

So, make sure you find a catchy title, which directly incites to click. Announce a surprising or even mysterious information, a surprising figure, a new solution to a recurring problem, etc. You must know how to create desire through information that is out of the ordinary. Avoid the classic ads, like the seen and seen again advertisements of type “PROMOTION”, “exceptional offer” or “discover our new products quickly” You risk being associated with the equivalent of the supermarket leaflets which often end up in the dustbin when they pass the barrier of the “stop pub” affixed on a mailbox.

In the virtual world, it’s the same. The algorithm will classify you in the category of promotional offers where you will be drowned in a sea of more or less competing companies. Even worse, you will be considered as spam.

Result: you will suffer the same fate…

To help you, sites like Mail Tester can check if your mail has chances to land in the spam category of your client.

The pertinence of the content: the key to a good newsletter

A pertinent content that attracts the customer’s attention

Once your customer has taken the first step and clicked on your email, you must convince him that he made the right choice. To do this, the content must be relevant and hold their attention.

Therefore, it is best to address your customer as if you were addressing a friend. Not by using familiarity, but by proposing “sincere” content, which starts from an experience or a personal reflection that leads them to identify with you. The fact that he feels concerned invites him to continue reading.

Free yourself from the classic marketing codes and offer him a more personalized content, which echoes his concerns, his desires. In this respect, think for example of calling your customer by his first name in the e-mail’s teaser. Automated e-mail management software allows this option. They also offer the possibility of integrating the first name in the design of the newsletter, including a photo.

Concision and clarity: the importance of getting to the point

The exercise may seem perilous, but you must also think in a synthetic way. You will have plenty of time to develop your message on your website or your blog for example. The idea is to use the newsletter as an entry point to your various communication media.

Your message must be clear and concise. You don’t want to bore the reader with elucidations and digressions of all kinds. Stick to a single piece of information, clearly identifiable by the reader.

Call-to-actions to increase your bookings

A good newsletter is articulated in three movements: the teaser, the information to remember and finally the call-to-action. Behind this anglicism is the idea of a call to action. Once you have succeeded in holding the reader’s attention, you must invite him to discover what you have to offer. This can be a new article on your blog, a new product, a temporary offer etc.

The conclusion of your newsletter must therefore encourage your customer to click on the links leading to your booking center or to follow you on social networks.

Taking care of the aesthetics of your newsletter: a priority

We have seen the content, now let’s see the form. Indeed, it is essential to take care of the aesthetics of your newsletter. To do this, make your message more impactful through images, typographical emphasis (words in bold, underlined, italics) and especially a global design.

You are neither a designer nor a graphic artist? Use online solutions offered by template creators. You will find predefined designs for your newsletters on recognized sites such as: sarbacane (French), mailchimp, or sendinblue.

If you prefer to delegate this part, do not hesitate to call us. Hôtellerie Digitale will help you with its turn-key solution.

Think also to favor a display in HTML format. This will not only allow an optimal display of your design but also give it a “responsive” aspect. It must be readable on different media such as smartphones or tablets. All these elements aim to make your message more dynamic, more attractive. If you have any doubt about the result, do not hesitate to test your newsletter internally or with your friends and family before sending it to your customer database.

Track results and build customer loyalty

You have succeeded in retaining your customer, in getting him to transform his reading into action. You then obtain the desired goal: increase traffic on your site, room reservations, subscription to a promotional offer, subscription to your social networks etc. But you still have to make sure that your target has been reached. What’s worse than stubbornly sticking to a newsletter that has more unsubscribes than subscribes.

Most email management software can then provide you with the indicators to judge this. This ranges from the number of emails opened among those sent, those that are read, those that lead to unsubscriptions, etc. Your website or social network management tools then take over by providing you with statistics on traffic, transformations with respect to users captured by your newsletter.

This follow-up is therefore essential because it attests to the effectiveness of your newsletter and helps you determine the content that attracts customers more easily.

It then remains to retain them. For this, various techniques are available to you:

  • Use for example an email of satisfaction sent at the end of each stay to encourage the customer to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Create an appointment with your readers through a recurrence at regular intervals of your newsletter. Find the right balance. You must know how to create expectation without drowning your prospects in emails.
  • Automate the sending of emails at times corresponding to those observed by the studies conducted on your target clientele. For example, it has been noted that mothers are more available on Wednesdays, companies are less available on Monday or Friday afternoons, etc.
  • Propose content in several “episodes», like the addictive series on streaming platforms.
  • Encourage readers to subscribe to your newsletter on your different media to keep reading content that interests them.

You will have understood: the important thing is to offer your readers a personalized content, adapted to their expectations. A reader will appreciate your content if it stands out, both in content and in form. Therefore, to create a good newsletter, make sure you don’t fall into the aesthetic and editorial clichés of “classic” newsletters.

This is how you will not only manage to get the precious clicks of your readers but also to make sure that your newsletter becomes a must in their mailbox.

You don’t feel like doing all this work alone? Don’t hesitate to call on our services. Hôtellerie Digitale is here to offer you solutions in setting up a newsletter adapted to the hotel industry!

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