Instagram which has 700 Million active users (2017) is a network specialized in visual communication marketing. It is a great tool to find prospects and keep in touch with your loyal customers!

However, one of the major constraints, both in productivity and in content creation/editing is the exclusive use of a tablet or a smartphone to publish content…

Instagram | A Mobile Friendly network… only!

Your editorial line is ready, you know that on Monday you will publish a photo of the hotel, the rooms or the staff (I humanize my business), on Wednesday a publication focused on the family and on Friday a publication on the activities of the surroundings… But with weather constraints, organizational constraints etc… it is not always easy to move to take the photo of this content to share.

To remedy this problem, you have already sent content from your computer to your phone as a publishing gateway…

STOP! You’ve come to the right place! is always here to support you and perfect your marketing, and it’s free!

Publish quality content on Instagram

A quick reminder before you post:

Instagram is primarily a network of photos, it prefers and puts more forward the images in native format, ie Square is 1:1.

The #Hashtags are the main elements in the communication of this network. Don’t put too many of them though…

You can “Tag” individuals and/or agencies by putting either a pin on the photo or in the description with @. (By default, only the contacts you follow are displayed in the predictive entry, by pressing “Enter” on a pin, the tool will propose all similar identities, however, if you want to add these people in the description, you will have to note the @alias before creating your post)

It is recommended to display the phone number and to have a link to your website (or booking engine) on your Instagram page/profile/under the “contact” button.

You have an idea and you want to put it forward, with a text on your image: nothing could be easier, I invite you to connect to (free with registration 1 click mail/Facebook/Google)

1° Click on the menu on the top left or on the yellow + on the right and add a Post

2° Choose an Instagram template in 1:1 that interests you

3° Make changes by clicking on the elements (background for example) and with the menu at the top right

4° Upload your visual

Another possibility:  Pixlr Express is more than a website! It is a real digital tool to apply filters, but also to retouch, add text, and resize your images.

The home screen will even offer you to make a “collage” to have several small thumbnails.

I invite you to click on “Browse” and get your content.
Once loaded online, click on “Resize” and change the smallest denominator to 500px (often the height) then validate.
Finally, select “Crop” to change the format to 1:1.

Very quickly, you will have a visual similar to:

Good to know: There is also a more powerful version, equivalent to a small PhotoShop, still free and very light: Pixlr Editor.

User Agent Switcher vs Bluestacks to publish on Instagram from your PC|Mac

User Agent Switcher

You have the choice to emulate your favorite browser:

Google Chrome with the free Plugin [ User Agent Switcher For Chrome]

Firefox with the same plugin [User Agent Switcher For Firefox]

Connect to your Instagram account. All you have to do is “Switch” thanks to the Plugin to an iPhone for example to make your publication.

Only drawback: You will have to connect to your phone to add the location/geolocation to your photo.

Bluestacks : The most complete, but the most technical

Bluestacks is a PC and Mac compatible Android emulator. It is an application that manages the same settings as your tablet/phone. You will have to connect to your Gmail account to download Instagram.

All you’ll have to do is send the files from your hard drive to the  [TUTO], application, retrieve them to publish them via Instagram.

The small drawbacks: A little technical, An application in addition, copy the files before sending them, for the special symbols “@” it will be necessary to make a copy and paste …
Benefits: Has the latest features, geolocation works through this intermediary.


Grids is a paid alternative, but not very expensive (for the moment, 8€). It’s one of the most unknown Mac/PC applications, but really worth trying (10 days free, we adopted it in 2 days) it’s very intuitive and easy to use.

With this app you can:

  • Publish photos or stories
  • Identify
  • Liker in mass (with shortened keys)
  • Tag people
  • Geolocate
  • Easily monitor Hashtag or location
  • Manage multiple accounts from a single interface
  • Edit your profile

However, there is no possibility to know the popularity of the hashtag at the time of writing your publication.

The advantages are numerous, including the management of messages; you can very easily send promo codes to people who like your photos, download photos without going through the source code, be alerted live notifications on your pc …

In short, the community manager should not be able to do without it!

Now you just have to find the best time of the day to publish… automation tools may exist, we will add them as soon as possible.

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