SnapCall, a gadget tool… and practical!

Isn’t it annoying to have to browse a whole website to find a phone number to get advice? To search for the information you need before buying without finding it? SnapCall will make up for all your lost time until then. But how?

SnapCall: “made in France”

The Parisian start-up founded in 2016 created SnapCall to meet the need of e-commerce pros by answering their request: “how to remove the online shopping brakes of my customers”, while remaining quite discreet and non-intrusive on your site but conspicuous. Here is the example below of the site (Accessible during office hours)

En appuyant sur l’icône, cela va déclencher un appel depuis votre device, même depuis un ordinateur !

Two advantages that we remember:

  • You will not be awakened in the middle of the night by a sleepy customer; you can configure working hours (Time slots Day by Day!) where the button will appear or disappear according to your defined schedule. The objective of SnappCall is to accompany the customer in his sales process, regardless of his nationality.
  • The tool is free for the caller and he doesn’t need to go and get his phone if he is browsing on his laptop!

How to install it and how much does it cost?

To install it, you just have to enter your phone number, then integrate the code on your website by following the instructions. It only takes a few minutes. Regarding the price, it depends on your structure. It is free for the customer who makes the call. For bed and breakfasts & small hotels, free (20 calls per month) is more than enough! Here is the monthly price list for an annual subscription.

And you, what are your latest finds?

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