On the internet there are plenty of free tools… only, we don’t know where to start!
Here is a list of free web tools, our own little toolbox, that we recommend for occasional or daily use:

ilovepdf: Ideal to reduce the weight of PDF files before attaching them in an email, this tool also allows you to merge, split, transform for word, excel or other office tool! Remember to rename the final-ilovepdf.pdf file once you have uploaded the final file!


[UPDATE: 26.01]Extract.me: No need to download additional software, everything is done online!
Extraction tool for files in the following formats: 7z, Rar, Tar, Jar (for the most popular ones) and 50 others!


DeepL : Much faster and more powerful than Google, this free software is used by many translators! Bonus: no saved data … unlike its competitor!


Framadrop : The list would have been long (WeTransfer etc…) but this is the one we prefer! Share your files with a third party through an encrypted, open source software! To date, no weight limit has been determined.


Pixlr express/editor : No need to pay photoshop, this software particularly heavy to install… This alternative tool offers two interfaces: Photoshop-like photo editing tool (Editor) and a much more ergonomic version, simple retouching, adding text, ideal for resizing the Express version.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Editor

KeywordsShitter : Find simply the keywords related to SEO (terms typed by Internet users). Very useful tool for SEO / SEA.


Mergewords : Ideal combination tool to create a list of keywords for SEA.


Adobe Spark : Don’t worry about image format details anymore! This tool allows you to make beautiful visuals, simply, quickly and free (requires a login … put a trash address! But we have never been spammed.) to illustrate your social networks.

Adobe Spark

Seomofo : Tool to optimize Google snippets (Live preview of changes on page titles and descriptions)


WebCodeTools : For those who have the hand on the sources of their website, this beautiful tool allows to add meta-data tags essential for google indexing!


Appear.in : The simple and perfect VOID tool to make remote presentations! Alternative to Skype, this software allows you to exchange by video or simple audio, to show your screen. It is best used with Google Chrome and Firefox.


TalkWalker : You want to monitor your name or that of your competitor? Ideal for your e-reputation, Talkwalker scans the web and social networks for you! Get the results by email!


Chrome extensions for your webmarketing :

Google Analytics : Ideal tool to know in live how many people are browsing your site, on which pages they are exploring and highlight the most clicked links!

Extension Google Analytics

Facebook Like Inviter : Allows you to invite in one click all the “new” people who liked one of your post to become a fan of your page.

Extension Facebook Inviter

This list will be completed as time goes by: don’t hesitate to make the query “toolbox” in the search bar provided for this purpose!

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