Who is Fairbooking? What do they offer? What is the cost, the return on investment? Is it necessary to use this platform, this hotel guide?

Although the hotellerie.digital website aims to be transparent and to bring qualitative information to hoteliers, we are in close contact with Fairbooking because the ethics of this association correspond to our philosophy. We will try to give an objective opinion as much as possible according to the feedbacks.

Fairbooking is a fair, sustainable and ecological tourism booking website. No commission for the hotelier!

As its name indicates, FairBooking wants to be “Fair-Play” although the main objective is to put the tourist (let’s call him a “prospect”) in direct contact with the hotelier, Fairbooking is committed to highlighting and thus favoring establishments that have a CSR policy and that work to defend their labels.

Fairbooking is the French website that connects internet users to more than 3700 establishments worldwide!

It is also 15% of the French hotel stock and open to all types of professional accommodation (furnished accommodation, residences, campsites, unusual accommodation)

In 2018, Fairbooking opens up to all tourism actors and their partners by creating the first cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) to create an open source and opendata marketplace.

FairBooking is more than a hotel association and a group of independents

Behind Fairbooking are actually independent hoteliers.

Created in 2013, the association Réservation en Directe(RED) quickly proposed the platform www.fairbooking.com. Currently headed by Pascal Droux (Hotel Director) the association is committed to short circuits on the online booking in a win-win principle between producers (hoteliers) and consumers.

Here is the video presentation:

An additional page for your establishment

By doing the magic command on Google : “site:www.fairbooking.com” we can see that FairBooking has more than 11 800 pages.

Today, the keyword Fairbooking would be searched on average 3600 times/month according to the Google Keywords Planner tool.

The Facebook page of Fairbooking is followed by 6600 people (The association has not acquired any fake fans)

The Instagram page (set up in early 2017) is followed by 337 fans. The #Hashtag #Fairbooking has been used 274 times.

The RED Academy Fairbooking trains hoteliers, bed and breakfasts …

The association is not only a platform for networking. The association proposes a training center for its members, the RED Academy, to recover its commercial independence!

The trainers are selected according to their skills and are specialized in the fields of e-reputation, social networks, Revenue Managent, Brandjacking.

To find all the trainings offered by Fairbooking, I invite you to follow the link of the REDAcademy.

How to join FairBooking ? Two options :

The Free Formula called “Freemium” which offers the possibility to have an additional form for your SEO.

The Premium Package, at 150€ TTC + 2€ per room/year which offers connectivity with the main booking engines (Availpro, Reservit …) more photos and a better positioning in the “on site” results. This formula also allows the hotel to be a member of the association and thus to participate in the General Assemblies (because YOU become actors)

Fairbooking 0% commission:

As stated above, good news: Fairbooking does not take any commission on sales, whether you are in freemium or premium offer (interconnected).

Why is this an opportunity for your referencing.

Having an additional listing, a button with a link to your website, on a specialized platform will always have an impact on your SEO. The platform highlights all the establishments with a human writer. They will easily detect your advantages to make beautiful and attractive listings for the Internet user, your prospect.

In addition to having your listing, Fairbooking writes articles from its members that it relays to all its social networks and its community of Fairbookers


Laurent Bougras, Jolanda Van den Bergh and hundreds of ambassadors across France are available to answer all your questions.

Do not hesitate to contact Jolanda (very nice) to register “at least” your establishment in Freemium

06 71 32 57 97

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