Many hotel owners are looking for a digital solution to share the best local addresses with their guests.
The POI (Point of Interest) map is one of the simplest and most effective solutions to set up your own online concierge service.

Create your own concierge service with Google Maps

With Google My Maps Editor, it is totally possible, it is childish, does not take time and overall the risk of bugs is relatively low.

Unfortunately, it is a bit of an additional dependency on Google[…] With this map, you have material to make an additional page for your site, which is always a little extra!

For the lucky ones who have a CMS with the ability to edit pages, here are the steps to follow.

For the others, know that it is also possible to do it, but you will have to communicate the link to your agency.

To add your own map, go to this URL:
Google POI Map Builder

Here you will be able to add your own images to illustrate, add your own descriptions and especially your own links! If you have a blog, this is the ideal way to highlight URLs that are not seen enough!

Think of creating your sub-categories, for example :

  • Gastronomic Restaurants
  • Traditional Restaurants
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Museums & Cultural Heritage
  • Sports
  • Gaming Casinos
  • Events / Shows …

Once you have created this map you will only have to click on “Share” at the top right and find the words “integrate the map to my site” and copy the IFRAME code (integration to a page) will appear.

partager une google maps

Feel free to change the Width and Height depending on how it will look on your website!

You can also change the value of the Width by a %. On this site, we have defined width=”100%” height=”600px”.

To go further, we invite you to create a page per language of your website!

Here is a perfect example from a card of Une Fille en Alsace(Blogger rather known for our friends of the East!)

I encourage you to visit his beautiful website!
The best adresses in Alsace

Finally, know that alternative solutions exist:

More aesthetic and more professional, MMcréation offers you an independent page named GéoLike.

Applications on mobile devices iPhone and Androïd (Ideal for foreign tourists with limited DATA)


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